Business Communication Program

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Istinye University Topkapı Campus

Business Communication Program

“Business Communication”, introduces technical theories and practices that produce communication methods in business life. This program conveys basics of good verbal communication, writing protocols, e-mails, being able to give good or bad feedback, being able to give persuasive feedback, preparing formal reports and proposals.


In addition to that, it aims to give personal and group presentations skills.

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Business Professionals (Experienced or Junior)

This program,

  • aims to understand the basics of verbal communication techniques in business life.
  • helps you to think about the communication theories and discuss them in order to gain ability to practice.
  • Learn the latest developments about verbal and non-verbal communication language in business life in order to trust yourself and be self-confident.


  • Basics of communication
  • Styles of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Techniques of personal presentation
  • Basics of verbal communication
  • Communicate in a complicated world
  • Communicate in a safety environment
  • Etic rules of business communication
  • Communication in conflict
  • Writing reports and proposals

- online book will be required.

- no copy sheets

Education place


Istinye University Topkapı Campus