Computer Organization Program

Education place


Istinye University Topkapı Campus

Computer Organization Program

  • Microprocessor
  • Microcontrollers in Embedded Systems
  • Assembly & C
  • Digital Design


Ability to learn, understand and evaluate the structure and architecture of microprocessors and microcontrollers. Ability to design and build digital systems, including computers, microprocessor-based systems.

Professional Basic Concepts, Computer Systems, Digital Systems, Computer communication, Microprocessor Acrhitecture; CPU, memory and input/output peripherals, Microcontroller Architecture, Assembly of Microprocssor, Assembly and C Programming of Microcontrollers, Timers & Interrupts,  D/A and A/D interface, Memory Interface and I/O Interface, Memory  Organization, Memory Mapped.

Application Form

Electronic and Computer engineers are able to attend. There are no other criterions.

1. Professional Basic Concepts

2. Number Systems

3. Computer Systems

4. Digital Design

5. Microprocessor-based digital system basic architecture

6. Memory and I/O Access and Organization

7. Assembly Language

8. C and Assembler languages

9. Microcontroller

10. The different programming strategies of input/output subsystem.

11. Different microcontroller projects

There will be applied training.

Embedded microcontroller modules, Drivers for microcontrollers.


Education place


Istinye University Topkapı Campus