Construction Contracts Management Program

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Istinye University Topkapı Campus

Construction Contracts Management Program

Construction contracts management is one of the core topics of construction management which covers a wide scope including the project delivery systems, bidding, contract types, contracts negotiations and legal and financial aspects of different types of contracts. This course enables the students to manage a construction project by following the contract conditions in the form of a written agreement between the Client and the Contractor and by using standard contract documents. The contractual points that affect the contractor’s commercial proposal, the reasons behind project delays, cost overruns and disputes among parties due to mismanagement of contracts, the tax, payment and labor related issues that affect the success of a project are discussed in detail from contractual point of view. The course also covers an overview of FIDIC international contracts type and is supported by real case studies.

Application Form

Construction professionals working as contracts administrator, contracts manager, project manager, project director. No age limit.

Work experience is important but not necessary to attend.

General characteristics of the construction industry

Project delivery systems and bidding

Contract types

Contract terms and documents

Contracts site administration

Time in contracts

Contracts-cost relations, Risk management in contracts

Contracts negotiations

FIDIC Contracts

Legal issues and dispute resolutions in contracts

Education place


Istinye University Topkapı Campus