HR Manager Program

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Istinye University Topkapı Campus

HR Manager Program

We set out a slogan such as “Each Leader firstly should be a good HR Manager” and we aim to find the answers of how a leader who doesn’t have responsibilities and duties in HR should have an HR notion.


In order to know, guide and manage yourself and your team effectively, together we take a journey together.

Managers and Manager Candidates


  • Awareness:
    • How manager am I?
    • What are my main management behaviors?
    • Which things am I applying better and worse?
    • How can I be better?
  • Teamwork:
    • How can I pick up a best candidate for my team?
    • What kind of things should I give importance at first meeting?
    • What kind of questions should I ask in order to know him/her?
    • Is he/she right person for the team? How can I understand?
  • Development:
    • What are the strengths of me and my team?
    • How can we be a better team? How can we improve the synergy?
    • How can we help the newcomers to be adopted for our team?
    • What can be our learning methodology? How can we develop ourselves?


  • Performance Management:
    • Motivation:
      • What are the motivational factors of my team?
      • What can I do for them to be worked more efficiently?
      • How can we make a happier and peaceful working environment together?
    • How can I manage the “STAR”s in my team?
    • How can I meet my employees’ expectations?
    • How can I measure the efficiency?
    • Does my team work efficiently?
    • Award or Punishment? How can I manage this paradox?
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